MusikBlog Newcomer Program

Welcome to the MusikBlog Newcomer Program!

You make alternative music and are a music newcomer artist or band and want to become more popular in Germany? MusikBlog supports you with online promotion. You can introduce yourself and your music with a first news article on MusikBlog. The article will also be posted in our newsletter and all big social networks and can reach thousands of readers. This increases your online visibility, your Google ranking, and your social media influence.

You will be included in our newsletter, with which you can reach our more than 70 label, promotion and booking partners.

Ideally you already have a Twitter profile, a Facebook page and an Instagram profile, so we can mention it in our post and you can react to it or repost.

With the first news article, your artist page is created on MusikBlog (see here), which your fans can follow. They get notified as soon as more article about follow.

The MusikBlog Newcomer Programm is a partner of Spinnup, the distributer for newcomers, that publishes your music worldwide at iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, and all other relevant online stores. The Spinnup Scouts help you to become discovered. Here you can find all information.

Started in 2016, we have more than 600 music newcomer artists as members of the program, including e.g. Giant Rooks, Capitano, Buntspecht or Jeremy Loops. Check out all MusikBlog Newcomers here.

Here you can submit your news article: