Aufgrund der nach wie vor aktuellen Coronavirus-Situation wird die Tour verschoben. Tickets behalten ihre Gültigkeit. Hier das Statement des Künstlers:

„Hi everyone, I’ve seen lots of you asking about the shows in Feb, March, April and May.
I’ve been waiting to know for sure that these dates are out of the question and now I’m sure you’ll understand that they very much are.
I have decided to postpone all of these shows, and I am determined to make sure they go ahead in the (not too distant) future.
I think it is fair at this point not to announce new dates until we can all be sure they will go ahead, but go ahead they will, and tickets already purchased will remain valid.
In these times your support means so much, so thank you, I’m devastated but even more determined to make the Zeros tour one to remember forever
Declan x“